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Excessive loan fees: you can do that

About two years ago , the ASD ruled that excessive processing fees for borrowers were inadmissible. The trigger for this were then plaintiffs who acted against claims of various banks. In order for fees unduly paid to be reimbursed by the bank, it is essential to deal with those responsible in written form. We’ll show you what to look for and how to act properly on excessive loan fees.

High credit fees – what can consumers do?

In 2014, the Federal Supreme Court ruled in favor of two plaintiffs who did not want to accept the high credit charges of banks – and were thus right. Accordingly, banks may no longer charge processing fees for normal consumer credit today. As part of this ruling, clauses in the contracts were examined, which provided that customers not only have to pay interest on their loans but also expensive processing costs. With a five-digit amount, processing fees of 1,500 euros or even more – depending on the amount – could accumulate here. As a customer is therefore not to watch, but to get back his money, if you have already paid – this is in fact still possible in retrospect.

To recover excessive processing fees from the bank

From a purely legal point of view, a recovery claim is a claim for enrichment vis-à-vis the respective bank – this was also stated in the corresponding judgments of the ASD. Initially, the starting point was a short limitation period of a maximum of three years, but this period was subsequently extended to 10 years. In fact, if you closed your credit agreement in 2006 or later, you can still get the fees back from the bank today. In the case of an older credit agreement, recovery can be fraught with complications or even unsuccessful.

But why, as a borrower, can you still reclaim the fees?

The processing fee is an activity performed by the banks, which has been carried out either on their own behalf or under a legal obligation. These include, for example, processing the credit agreement, checking the creditworthiness of a customer, collecting the data of the borrower or even providing the loan amount. However, these very tasks were considered by the ASD to be quite ordinary business tasks that in no way justify a demand for high lending fees. For the customer, such fees are often an additional financial burden.

High credit fees – how much can you reclaim from the banks?

In fact, bank customers can reclaim not only the processing fee for a loan, but also the additional interest from the lender. These can be remarkably high and amount to up to 5% – with a loan amount of several thousand euros there is thus a considerable sum together.

However, it is important to ensure that a right of recovery is only possible if the processing fee is included in a clause of the contract. These are usually pre-formulated guidelines that banks enter in the terms and conditions by default. In a large part of the loan agreements, it is already noted on the first page of the loan agreement that processing fees are incurred. An online loan agreement makes this even easier to filter out.

If the loan agreement is not based on general terms and conditions, an individual agreement will apply. This means that processing fees have been negotiated freely and the bank had a conversation with the customer at the beginning. Thus, the customer himself could have a certain influence on the fees, which then possibly had to be inscribed by hand in contract forms. In such a case it is difficult to get the fees back. However, this is more the exception that comes with the fewest contracts to fruition.

This is how borrowers proceed correctly when recovering the fees

The first step in recovering unjustified processing fees should always be to see if the bank has asked for processing fees in addition to interest on the loan. With an individual agreement you have bad cards, but with a normal, pre-printed contract clause, you should act as a customer necessarily. In most cases, the processing fee is between two and three percent, but in recent years fewer and fewer banks have charged fees.

What also needs to be taken into account is that the limitation period is still ten years, as the ASD has specified. For 2016, therefore, all borrowers who have entered into a contract since 2006 or later are still eligible for a repayment. The deadline always applies until 31 December of the corresponding year. For the recovery you do not have to write a letter itself, but can send a sample letter to the bank with appropriate templates from consumer centers or the Gandalf. Because: If you commission a lawyer with the implementation of the recovery claims, then arise here as well cost. Thus, it would be questionable whether the demand is profitable at all. An independent claim is also advantageous in that under certain circumstances later incurred legal fees are charged directly to the bank.

As soon as the letter has been sent to the bank, it says: Wait. This can take a long time. Many consumer tests have shown to date that the waiting time is often several weeks because of the high onslaught. In general, however, it is sufficient if a bank sends the customer a confirmation of receipt. Important: As a customer, do not let this put you off, just get the processing fees back. Also, the interest can be reclaimed, because they can make up to 50% (!) Of the total fees.

In the event that the bank rejects claims, it is almost inevitable to involve a lawyer who will take care of the further processing of the recovery – as long as this pays off financially in terms of legal fees. An existing legal expenses insurance is of course worthwhile in any case. If you turn to a lawyer, you often have a very good chance when it comes to a class action in which several victims – often hundreds of them – reclaim money from the banks. Thus, the lawyer costs, but also the risk for the borrower, can be drastically reduced. Another possibility is to lodge a complaint with an ombudsman for the bank concerned. This is not associated with costs and therefore always recommended.

When do I have the best chance of getting a refund of credit fees?

The best are the chances of getting the processing fees and interest back from banks once you have concluded your loan agreement in the last five years. When it comes to older claims, many banks try to invoke a possible statute of limitations. Whether this is always lawful, however, can be argued legally.

Finally, it remains to say:
As a borrower, do not hesitate to check your contract. Even if you may not expect to pay processing fees and high interest rates, it often turns out on closer inspection that you can get back money – and often a lot. However, it is important to be aware that this must be a clause in the contract and not an individual determination of interest and possible fees between the bank and the customer.

Borrowing money from private individual

A negative credit score entry can in many cases mean the consistent rejection of any loan request. Often, only the credit score is determined by the banks and if it exceeds a certain limit, the bank issues a rejection to the person who requested the loan. Personal circumstances or a good reputation help there almost never. Every day, many pleading people, who desperately need a loan to bridge a financial bottleneck, are experiencing this situation. But there is good news: individuals and the self-employed, and even start-ups, who are otherwise a red scarf for any bank, now have reasonable hope that they will get a loan.

Expiry of the private loan mediation with the marketplace Malfoy

How it works? Quite simply: You let the banks out in the brokerage and arrange loans from private to private. In order to handle this procedure relatively promptly and comfortably, the portal Malfoy was launched. Here you can register both as a person seeking a loan and as a person who wants to lend a loan to someone. The incentive to lend money to a private individual is that you will, of course, be paid interest. And the return can be quite impressive, because depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower, the interest rates are adjusted. That is, lending money to someone who can only prove a less good credit rating will give you a higher interest rate, and thus a higher return, than lending the money to someone who has a very good credit rating.

Private loans without a query from credit score: Individuals are more confident than banks

For people in desperate need of credit, a bad credit score is often an obstacle to obtaining a loan commitment. With Malfoy one can formulate however his loan desire and write also, why one has a negative credit score, and why one is still trustworthy for potential donors. If you think there will not be any individuals lending money to someone who has a negative credit score, then we can tell you: The reality is different. Many individuals read through the texts of people who want to have a private loan despite credit score. And these fates are gladly supported. Some private lenders may even know the situation from other times when they were looking for a short term loan.

What is the experience with Malfoy?

On the platform you will find many testimonials from both people who have borrowed money and from private lenders. The website has now over 400,000 members and over 34 million loan projects completed (as of 26/09/2012). On various portals and forums you will find people who share their experiences with Malfoy. While participants who have sought a personal loan there are noted that they have to pay a small fee to participate, and that setting all the information and profile is quite a bit of work, but ultimately it would be worthwhile because you can still get a loan this way if the bank would not negotiate any more. But above all, it is important that they offer themselves reputable and deposited collateral, which shows that you can serve the credit.

It is also interesting that Malfoy apparently can also be used to get a quick loan. Some people are reported to have signed up with Malfoy, then offered a loan of over 3000 EUR and completed the entire financing within 3 days. Of course, this is only possible with a small loan, but nevertheless the speed is remarkable.

Small loan: The short term loan for free use

A small loan defines a form of loan in a manageable financial framework, which the borrower can freely dispose of. The loan can be used as a cash advance without checking account or as a quick loan via a corresponding current account. Many people use microcredit to overcome short-term financial difficulties, to afford a much-needed home purchase, or to fulfill a special holiday requirement that would not be affordable under normal circumstances. As this loan is mostly used privately, it is also referred to as consumer credit. In general, with such a mini loan, the effort and the formalities are very low, which of course also a quick loan settlement is achieved. Thus, the payment of the loan amount can often be done within a few days.

Small loans are also possible with negative credit score

If you urgently need a mini loan, you will find reputable providers on the Internet who can also provide credit score-free loans.

In a small loan , the loan amounts move mostly between 500 and 5000 euros. This inevitably results in relatively short maturities. Often, banks even offer attractive interest rates to enable their customers to take advantage of these loans. In this country, however, the credit rating is also checked for a micro- credit , the better it is, the faster the mini loan can be paid. Employees also have the advantage of being granted a permit vis-à-vis the self-employed if their employment relationships can be documented with continuous pay or salary payments. If you are burdened with a negative credit score entry , you do not have to throw in the towel right away. These loan seekers have the opportunity to use a so-called Gandalf as a small loan. This opportunity can also be used by those who want to prevent the house bank or other German lenders from being aware of the loan. As a condition for the authorization, however, the future borrower is of legal age and he can prove that he has a regular monthly income by paying in his current account. However, with a Gandalf, the loan conditions are far from as favorable as with a loan with a positive credit score.

Private or business loan?

When you are an entrepreneur, you actually have a few options when it comes to taking out loans. You can opt for a business loan, but you can also take out a private loan . Or maybe you want a combination of both? It is sometimes complicated, so it may be useful that you get this explained.

What are the differences between a private and a business loan?

To give you an example of a loan: a business mortgage is not at all the same as a private loan. When you enter into a commercial mortgage, you have to pay a relatively high fine when you, as an entrepreneur, decide to sell your business. If you have a business loan and you end it, then this bank will charge huge interest for this. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not know this, so they pay a lot of money for this fine.

If you want to borrow money as a private individual through a mortgage, then you do not have this problem.

Do you want to sell your house as a private individual? Then you do not have to pay anything. With a private mortgage, you only have to pay a fine when you want to cross over to the mortgage. You also pay a fine if you want to repay your mortgage faster than originally agreed. As an entrepreneur you pay extra for this.

Are you an entrepreneur? Then it is recommended to take out your personal mortgage as a private individual and to separate it strictly from your company. This way you avoid having to pay extra high fines when, for example, you have to sell your home or when you want to adjust the loan. If you want to make such a mortgage for the company, you can still choose between a mortgage for private individuals or business customers. Here it depends on which conditions are offered and which conditions apply of course.


In most cases it is not possible to take out a private loan for business purposes. This is possible in exceptional cases, for example if you have your office in your home and want to set up a mortgage there. Always be open to the bank for which you need the loan. Preventing problems beforehand is always better than paying a towering fine afterwards that can be fatal for many freelancers and SMEs. Here you can read when you can take out a personal loan for the case.

You are an entrepreneur, but still not completely convinced or you still have some questions?

Are you an entrepreneur yourself, but do you still have questions about a private or business loan? Then we definitely recommend you to make an appointment with your bank or even with several banks. So you can ask your professionals questions and you can immediately learn more about which form of loan best suits your personal situation. Be well informed about both types of loans. In this way you will never pay too much and there are no unpleasant things to wait for.

Personal loan entrepreneur: can you take that for the case?

It is usually not possible to take out a personal loan as an entrepreneur. You do not have a fixed income to which the application can be tested. As a result, the bank runs a greater risk. There are credit providers that provide private loans, but then you have to meet a large number of criteria. Often, however, you have to move to a business loan.

What is a personal loan?

With this type of loan, you will receive an amount into your account in one go. This is useful if, as a private individual, you want to buy a car or want to renovate it at home. You then pay back the loan within the term. The monthly amount consists of a fixed portion of interest and repayment amount. Amounts that have been repaid can not be withdrawn again. Early repayment is also often difficult and credit providers may charge a fine for this.

Personal loan: risks for the bank

A loan application must always meet certain criteria. Income is one of the most important factors in this. It is not just about their height, but also about the type of income. For example, the lender can determine the extent of the risk of granting you a loan as a private individual or entrepreneur. In salaried employment there is more income security than if you are an (independent) entrepreneur. This way the bank knows that you can repay the loan. As an entrepreneur, that certainty is not there, so not every bank will want to provide a private loan. Even getting a business loan can be difficult.

Private loan: the other criteria

In addition to income, there are other standard criteria that the lender looks at when applying for the personal loan:

  • The family composition: is there one or are there several incomes? Do you have children? A single person will have lower costs than a family with children.
  • The housing costs: do you have a rental or rental home? With a owner-occupied home, the mortgage can be a factor in the approval (or non-approval) of the loan.
  • Whether or not a listing at Ferb: a Ferb quotation need not be a problem with a loan application. As long as you can see that everything is being sorted out nicely. However, if you have a payment arrears, you risk a negative Ferb quotation . In that case, a lender will usually reject the application.

Private loan: what should you continue to do as an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur who applies for a personal loan must meet more requirements than a private individual. In addition to the aforementioned criteria, as an entrepreneur you will also have to provide financial information about the company. The longer the company exists, the more likely your application will be approved. Has the company been active for more than three years? Then you must send the annual figures for those past three years with the application. If you are an entrepreneur for less than three years, then the chance is much smaller that the application will be approved. There are lenders that build in extra security by charging higher interest rates. For example, as an entrepreneur you pay more for a private loan than as a private individual.

Use private capital as a loan for the business

If you have to finance your own business, you can do this in different ways. You can choose to use your private assets – that way lends you -, you can borrow business money or call on family, friends or investors. Only a selection of the number of possibilities. In this article we will discuss the use of private assets and how you can do this as safely as possible.

Benefit advantages and disadvantages with private capital

The biggest advantage of financing with your own money is that you have the money right away. In addition, it saves you a lot of long talks with potential lenders and you do not have to write a business plan. And you do not have to pay anyone back, and that can give peace. However, there is the risk that you yourself are in financial problems and you lose your money if the company goes bankrupt. That is why it is important to think very carefully about the decision to finance the business with private capital and to prepare well if you choose to actually do it.

Discuss the issue at home

If you have a relationship and you live together, it is wise to tell the partner of your intention to use your private assets as a loan for the business. This also has something to say about this. Honest and discussing the issue is not only good for the relationship, but it also ensures that you get a clearer picture of what you want to do. Is it actually such a good idea to use your private assets? You might only discover that when you do it, but you can assess the risks by discussing it.

Record the financing well

It must be clear to the tax authorities what a private and what a business transaction is. That is why it is already important to record the transaction. If the company goes bankrupt , you can prove that it was a business transaction with private capital. That way you could take the blame of the case as private from the tax. This is not possible if it is not clear that it was a business transaction.

Record and keep appointments

Keep to the agreements you made with yourself (or partner). Capture them and come after them. As a private financier, it is easy to deviate from the agreements you have made about the private assets. Determine what amount you borrow from your private assets to the business, and record the interest at which you will do so. Transfer that interest from the case to your private account. If you do not do this, you run the risk of undermining the commercial nature of the agreement and – worse still – you run the risk of getting less back in the event of a bankruptcy.

Solve the loan as soon as possible

Private capital is often used to set up a company. If the company is wealthy after a few years (or earlier), it is wise to repay the loan. Do not continue borrowing money if you do not actually need it anymore. Make sure you pay off the amount correctly, that saves you in paying interest and therefore reduces the risk of money problems.

Borrowing or investing

You can also always choose to take out a loan if you consider the risk too high. In that case, you must certainly draw up a business plan and enter into a dialogue with lenders. Or you can choose to find informal investors or other investors who can ‘sponsor’ you.

The best loan awaits you

Are you looking for loans where you do not have to pay commissions? Do you need a trusted entity? You are lucky because in this Review we will tell you all about Lilo, a company that has chosen to go back to the origins, where if you have a trusted person with Lilo you have the guaranteed loans, as was done previously in traditional banks. A Wonder Do not you think?

Where all decisions are made by real people, and not computers who decide whether to accept or reject loan applications to their customers. Lilo is the company you were waiting for to get money fast. And one of the things that, for them is important is that you have a guarantor, in this case of a friend or family member who is in solidarity with you and serves as guarantor if for any inconvenience you can not return the money.

Find out what Lilo has for its users, as well as get opinions from customers who already enjoy their loans.

Advantages of Lilo

Undoubtedly with the Lilo loans the only thing that will bring you are excellent benefits and conditions where you will be really satisfied with the product, and without additional expenses.

Next we will show you the great advantages that Lilo offers you:

  • No commissions: Lilo does not charge commissions, neither for opening account, nor for the delay of payments, or if you cancel
  • Good service: You will always have the best service from Lilo since it has trained professionals, where your priority is to find the solution to any problem.
  • Interests: Lilo has two interest rates: Annual of 49.9% TIN and Nominal 41.16% being one of the entities with the lowest rates in the market.
  • Security: The process is quite safe. In addition, your data will be protected thanks to its encryption system.
  • Ferb: Lilo does not care about your credit history. It is always available to those who need it, as they trust their customers.
  • Amount: Handles a considerable amount from 2000 euros to 8000 euros.
  • Extension: You can make a change in the payment dates, notifying 5 business days (as long as it is not the first month of payment and if you have late payments) by calling their contact number.
  • You do not need to have a payroll to ask for the loan. Although you must show that you have monthly income in your account.
  • The procedure is 100% online
  • You can have the money in just 24 hours

With Lilo, we must clarify that in order to acquire the money you need a guarantor. Otherwise, Lilo will not grant you the loan.

Many of your clients have had very positive opinions about Lilo, which can give you the assurance that Lilo is totally reliable.

What is Lilo?

Once you know what are the advantages of acquiring a Lilo loan, talk about what Lilo is about.

Lilo is born from a simple idea, to go back to the times where trust between people, both the applicant and the lender, was one of the main characteristics. The portal belongs to the company Gandalf and was registered in 2018 with the objective of granting loans and credits to individuals as well as legal entities, so that they make use of both consumption and commercial operations, with a existing capital of 20,000.00, together with its sole partner Malfoy.

Lilo grants quick loans from 24 hours, with an amount that exceeds the amount of mini-credits offered by other entities ranging from 2,000 euros to 8,000 euros, and best of all you can choose the return period in comfortable fees between 12 to 60 months.

One of the most important requirements that Lilo demands is that you have a guarantor, in this case a guarantor that can face the return of money if any inconvenience of your part occurs. Who could be a relative or friend who trusts you.

Many of the opinions about Lilo guarantee their benefits, and that they comply with quality conditions.

How does Lilo work?

You can request your Lilo credit in a simple way and you will receive your money in 24 hours, without the need to leave your home, or wherever you are.

Lilo is an excellent platform very organized and attentive of fast loans in Spain and its contract is totally Online. And as your amounts are of a greater amount you can have it in your account only in 24 hours, without endorsement or much paperwork, so that your process is comfortable for your customers.

Lilo works like other financial entities although the amount is greater compared to the mini-credits, however it has the same benefits. The only characteristic that the difference is to be able to acquire the money is to have an endorsement (person) which is also responsible for said loan by signing the designated contract with you.

Amounts and Deadlines of Lilo

Lilo offers you a very considerable amount, and that you can use for your daily consumption or why not? For new projects, since it gives you the power to invest in what you like most.

Its minimum amount is 2,000 euros and a maximum of 8,000 euros, with terms from 12 months to 60 months, and the best part is that you choose it.


In this case, if any type of inconvenience occurs and you can not pay the loan on time on the agreed due date, you have 5 business days to notify that you want to change the payment date, through the contact in customer service number 965 02 12 52. And in this way they will notify you as your guarantor of possible solutions so that no interest is generated for non-payment.

However Lilo has some conditions so that you can make those changes. Such as:

  • The date can be changed only if the first month of payment due has passed
  • You will not be able to modify if you have payment delay
  • You can only make the change 1 time a month every 2 months.

What do I do if I want to register as a Lilo guarantor?

The first thing is to receive a link from the person who asked you to be your guarantor. Then you go to “Avadiaz” and that link you paste it where it says “Enter your Lilo link” and click on “Register now”

After completing your registration online, once the contract is done it will be verified manually and they will proceed to call you to have a conversation. This way, Lilo will make sure that you accept all the terms and conditions.

Return Lilo loan

Lilo works in a similar way to the other credit entities, through bank transfers, automatic debit or credit card debits, and through the box office

Lilo will remind you via SMS, Email or phone call in case of not making the payment on the agreed date to know if any inconvenience has arisen, and in this way look for a solution at the expiration of payment and do not pass to seniors.

Lilo Requirements

In order to apply for Lilo credits and these can be accepted you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have an age between 18 to 75 years.
  2. Be a resident in Spain and it is essential that you speak Spanish.
  3. Justify your monthly income whether it is payroll, pension, self-employed, etcetera.
  4. Have a person as a guarantor. (Who will be responsible for making the payment in case you can not)

The requirements to be Lilo are:

  1. Capacity to be able to face the loan in case the borrower does not pay.
  2. Be over 18 years old until age 75.
  3. Be a resident in Spain and be able to speak Spanish.
  4. Finally, have a stable solvency

How to apply for the Lilo loan?

Lilo makes it very easy for you, since the process is simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. You must create your application by entering its official website
  2. Try with the simulator how much money you want and for how many months you want to return it (so you can know the amount to pay for monthly installments and interest).
  3. Once you have decided how much to apply, click on “Apply for a quick loan”
  4. Immediately a form will appear which you must enter your personal data (Name, Surname, ID, address, Email, telephone, among others). You must also select the purpose of the loan.
  5. Once the information is sent, Lilo will be in charge of making an economic-financial evaluation to know if you have the capacity to attend the loan.
  6. Lilo will provide you with a link in which you must send it to your guarantor and he completes the application.
  7. If the request is approved, Lilo will contact both of them through a telephone conversation in order to terminate the request.
  8. Once the application process has been completed, the money will be credited to the guarantor’s bank account within the next 24 hours.

If you also want to request a binding offer, you must contact through the Lilo phone or send an email with your full name and indicate the amount and duration of the loan.

Lilo’s interests

With Lilo you will only pay interest through the duration of the loan, because the interest is calculated daily. You will also be exempt from paying commissions for making early refunds or making extra payments. Taking into account the payment of the loan on its due date.

Lilo works applying two types of interests

  • Nominal interest rate (TIN 41.16%)
  • Annual equivalent rate (APR 44.9%)

These interests are added to the amount requested by the borrower, which you can verify through the simulator offered by Lilo and you will know how much you will end up returning, according to the term you have chosen.

Is Lilo reliable?

According to the research conducted and by some positive opinions of satisfied customers found on the network, we can confirm that Lilo is a platform you can trust, since it is completely safe and above all easy to use.

Lilo is a page that has an excellent rating and great experience in the financial sector belonging to the Malfoy Group. Which have already made the amount of 40 million euros in loans through one of its best-known brands “Tinkerbell”

Want to know who has the great loan offer?

Have you heard about Tinkerbell? It is a financial company that has an outstanding level of experience for the issuance of loans and loans online, trying to establish a close, transparent relationship where there is mutual trust between the company and the clients.

Throughout the market for instant loans and quick loans, you will surely find a wide variety of different microfinance companies, but you should take into account that not all are the same. Tinkerbell has modern technologies, which have allowed adapting solutions to the needs presented by customers, also has several professional advisers responsible for helping with any questions that arise, as soon as possible and in a friendly manner.

This financial platform has been distinguished by having a wide range of technologies applied to the needs presented by all customers in particular, in order to meet the demands of them. This fact is what has allowed the granting of fast, simple, safe and transparent economic resolutions.

Advantages of Tinkerbell

We assure you that if you decide to resort to Tinkerbell you will find several advantages that will be very attractive to you:

  • Security is a guarantee of peace of mind for customers: Tinkerbell is very concerned about its reputation together with the security of its customers’ data, which is why a security system has been developed that strictly complies with the latest technological requirements. according to the area of ​​computer security.
  • Development and financial perspectives: Tinkerbell is in constant development. This platform is responsible for analyzing both requests and suggestions from all its customers, so that the possibility of offering products such as the Tinkerbell loan with a high quality is maintained. In order to maximize the work of the company, and ensure a better balance to offer all users the best and fastest credit in the market.
  • Saves time: One aspect to highlight is that the process of this financial company is 100% online. We guarantee that you will be able to obtain the amount of money you need quickly and without papers, without long queues and wait who knows how long. Just one click away, get your loan in just 15 minutes.
  • Completely transparent processes: You can apply for quick loans with full transparency. There will be no tricks, hidden expenses and no clause that could become abusive.

What is Tinkerbell?

Answering this question, Tinkerbell is one of the financial companies offering new loans and mini-loans in 2018, allowing people to request up to approximately 600 euros without guarantee and without paperwork at once. Tinkerbell loans such as Tinkerbell loans are ideal products that can help you in a time of financial need, especially if you are looking for a transparent, reliable and close company.

The mission of Tinkerbell is to offer financial solutions that are safe, flexible and easy for all customers who need quick money, providing help to solve their economic needs. This platform also makes sure to offer its services and financial products in a responsible manner.

Thanks to the services provided by this online lender, today it has become easier to get loans or credits quickly and safely. Because of the strong economic crisis that is happening in Spain, it is worth noting that with more reason it is worthwhile to seek financial support of this type in order to solve several economic problems that may come to pass, especially when it comes to get a personal loan through a financial institution that requires a large amount of personal documents.

Features of Tinkerbell

This lender has several characteristics that differentiate it from other financial companies online. We will proceed to explain some of them:

  • Speed ​​in answering loan applications since it is only a matter of waiting only 15 minutes from the moment the application is made online.
  • The website offers Tinkerbell customers several instruments for the purpose of mini-credits Tinkerbell, and enjoy the loans as soon as possible.
  • It is responsible for offering quick and cheap loans that come with very convenient deadlines when making the money back.
  • Being a micro company, it is not as strict compared to traditional banks when it comes to applying for quick loans.
  • All loan applications can be made by retirees, unemployed people, you can also get fast money without endorsement or payroll, which is thanks to the loan policies offered by the financial portal.

It is worth mentioning that this platform has an interactive menu in order to reach the advisors of the online financial company itself, in the event that some advice is required when requesting loans that are adaptable to the economic needs of each client in particular, thus satisfying the demands of them.

With regard to the amounts of the loans these are:

  • If you apply for a loan without being a client of the platform, this will be 200 euros.
  • If you are an initial client on the platform you can request an initial maximum amount of 200 euros.
  • Being already a registered customer a basic loan will be up to 350 with a discount of 10%.
  • A loan for an advanced client will consist of up to 500 euros with a discount of 15%.
  • And finalmete premium that consists of an amount of 600 euros and a discount of 20%.

Security system

This portal guarantees the maximum security of the data of all its clients after having developed state-of-the-art computer security systems. The tranquility of the users is priceless, so the institution has strived to be the highest priority of the business.

Development and perspectives

Said lender company is in charge of listening to all the users accepting suggestions in order to offer a better service to all Spanish users. For this, we have sought to optimize the work of the company, finding the best balance when offering loans instantly.

Time saving

Being a management carried out via the internet, Spanish users will be able to save time by accessing loans on the spot. In just 15 minutes or less you will get your answer.


Thanks to all the technology available to the financial company, they can request quick loans in the best possible conditions. You will also have the option of requesting an online credit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without any limitations with complete security and discretion.

Transparent process

This entity is aware of the need to offer completely transparent financial services, thus increasing the confidence of customers. We promise that this company does not have any tricks or small print, it also lacks abusive clauses and bad financial practices. All information will be provided clearly and accurately from the first moment.

Tinkerbell with Ferb

Unlike other lender companies, the present does not have such strict standards as banks. Customers have the possibility of requesting loans from Ferb and Phineas, whether they are for retirees, quick money without endorsement or payroll, credits for unemployed people, among others.

How to request the credits of Tinkerbell?

To apply for Tinkerbell either loans or mini credits you must comply with 4 steps explained below:

  1. Choose the amount of money you want to obtain next to the return period.
  2. Make the corresponding registration on the Tinkerbell website.
  3. After filling out the form with all your personal and banking information, you will have to wait for the answer in a lapse of just 15 minutes.
  4. Get your loan or mini credit Tinkerbell and use it to your liking.

You should know that the processing in Tinkerbell consists of few steps, you must choose the amount of money you want with your return period, an important fact to keep in mind is that you must use the simulator of the website to see how the microcredit will be to adapt it to your economic situation.

Tinkerbell’s interests

The interest rate or APR (annual equivalent rate) that is applied in Tinkerbell to depend on the term as well as the requested amount. That is to say, the interest rate of the financial institution Tinkerbell depends mainly on these two factors: the amount of the loan and its duration.

The borrower must be informed by Tinkerbell in relation to the interest rates, which are also known as fees, which will have to be paid by means of the website simulator, which will always depend on the factors mentioned above.

Here are some examples to give you a better idea of ​​the interests of the Tinkerbell loans:

  • If you request 150 euros to 14 days = fees 24.00 euros to return. Total refund 174.00 euros TAE 4691.95%
  • The amount before 7 days costs 12.00 euros with a total to return of 162.00 euros. APR 5431.08%
  • If you get to ask 150 euros for 28 days with costs of 50.00 euros. Total to return 200.00 euros TAE 4152.71%
  • For a loan of 200 euros at 28 days the costs will be 66 euros, with a total to be returned of 266.00 euros and TAE 4016.18%

How to return the credits of Tinkerbell?

The return of a Tinkerbell credit is very simple, since it facilitates the payment of the same by the users through several options explained below:

  • Bank transfer: Either from your own online banking or going to a branch you must make a transfer for the corresponding amount to pay the account of the lender company. When the transfer is made, the ID number is mandatory together with the reason for payment. Since without this information, it is not possible to pay the Tinkerbell loans
  • Cash: By means of a cashier or teller at any of the bank offices indicated by Tinkerbell on your personal area bill, you can make the cash payment to cancel the corresponding loan or credit.

Medusa credit extensions

With respect to Medusa credit extensions, you should know that you have a maximum of 30 days to return the credits, this being normal when it comes to mini credits. Because they are low-value short-term loans, these are usually more than enough time to carry out the repayment.

All clients will be entitled to request an extension of the repayment period in the remote case that they are unable to repay the loan on the due date. This same extension can be made during the following days: 7, 14, 21 and 28 days.

It is also important to mention that a loan commission must be paid in advance, taking into account the new period that has been chosen, in order to extend the return. The payment of the commission must be made in the bank account that has been previously indicated by the lender in question.

Yes, we indicate that in case you want to request a second loan, this option is not possible until you have returned the first loan. Now if what you decide is to pay your credit before the due date, this financial portal will allow you to do it without problems thus achieving savings in interest.

Mobile application and customer service

Regarding if there is any mobile application that allows all Spanish customers to use the services offered by this online lender, you should know that it uses its own website or portal in order to carry out all its commercial transactions, so that its users are obliged to limit themselves to the use of the Internet from their homes, work sites or other place with the purpose of requesting mini Tinkerbell loans.

Is Tinkerbell safe?

Probably because of the great diversity of existing online lenders an expected question would be: What reasons are there to believe that Tinkerbell is completely safe? We assure you that there are many reasons not to be suspicious of the platform, then we will tell you in details some of them:

Tinkerbell has a connection with the Ferb, reflecting its commitment, when offering its services to several Spanish users.

It has a privacy policy, where all users are recommended to read before requesting any personal loan.

The policies that are related to data communications are complied with, implying that there is the power to assign to third parties any information from users who have requested Medusa Credit loans previously. This suggests that it also has connections with financial companies, public bodies, regulatory entities, public administrations, with the purpose of fulfilling the informative obligations along with those of fraud prevention.

Under no circumstances uses spamming techniques, so that only works with data that have been provided by the users with their prior consent. So, when the time comes to send them the information regarding advertising and commercial transactions, the position will be taken into account in relation to whether or not a prior consent was given.

Thanks to all the security policies that Tinkerbell has implemented, its website has been busy incorporating adequate technology to safeguard the protection and integrity of all data provided by customers, in order to protect them from possible losses and misuses.

Opinions about Tinkerbell

In this segment we will show you below the different comments and opinions of customers about the services of Tinkerbell, which can be very useful for future users of the company when making a decision.

We can affirm that more and more people are the ones who, when requesting mini credits or Tinkerbell loans, seek information about the opinions of other users when choosing this financial institution.

Lorena: “I had been in need of an urgent micro loan for a while, and that’s exactly what this portal gave me.”

Mari Carmen:Every time I need liquidity immediately, I have always been able to count on this online platform that is willing to help at any time.”

Joaquin: “Since I met them, I’ve always liked the quick loans that this portal offers, since they adapt perfectly to what I need.”

Jandro: “To all those people who are in the search for quick microcredit in the short term, I assure you that this financial institution will be very interested, they are recommended 100%.”

Carlos: “I am impressed with the speed of the entire application process, especially the kind treatment the telemarketers have offered me. I’m completely grateful!

In conclusion we can see that the services offered by this incredible financial platform to all its users have turned out to be very effective, as previously commented by Spanish customers. By virtue of this, if you find yourself in a situation where you need money to solve a problem or financial hardship, for example, pay off small debts, buy some personal whim or fulfill a punctual payment, you will find a solution with this lender.

So remember, when you are looking for quick and easy money to get these credits without any doubt you will be interested, being an ideal solution to unforeseen situations, unexpected expenses and events of any kind.

So remember, when you are looking for quick and easy money to get these credits without any doubt you will be interested, being an ideal solution to unforeseen situations, unexpected expenses and events of any kind. The loans of these platforms are highly recommended by several professionals belonging to the financial sector.

The greatest loan offer has arrived

Everybody has ever gone through an economic emergency, even the largest and most recognized businessmen and economists in history have had to adjust their accounts to recover, borrow, apply for loans and get out afloat because everyone has ever needed a A friendly hand, however, saying it is easier than getting it and that is when asking for loans or loans to a financial institution, the obstacles abound and more, if you are a client who, in view of the monstrous banking world, you are not legit.

For times of financial emergency, you can go to Gandalf, the fastest and safest way to get a credit without so much protocol, bureaucracy, with some simple steps, and very few requirements Gandalf will help you in what you want: Start your own deal? Pay a debt? Going on a trip? Gandalf makes it possible for you. Millions of opinions on Gandalf attest to the reliability, security and speed of this platform. Prove it now! What are you waiting for?

Advantages of Gandalf

Gandalf in Spain will not only help you bring your wishes to reality, but also will do so without demanding too much. Whether you want to remodel your apartment or repair your car, the company Gandalf will help you because the fate you give to the funds does not matter. In addition Gandalf is:

  • Reliable and safe, you can count on your service whenever you want.
  • Fast and simple, as simple as taking your laptop or mobile, registering and requesting your credit.
  • Private and intimate, your data is hosted in a database secured with the strictest firewalls.
  • Comfortable and friendly, the website is simple and easy to use. It will allow you to choose the amount you need and show you the fees to pay.

You see it? Gandalf is the financial solution you expected to give you that whim you have postponed so much.

What is Gandalf?

Gandalf is an electronic platform that collects the loan offers that various websites offer; that is, instead of looking one by one on the loan websites, Gandalf offers a place where you can consult them all, under the same address.

The main function of Gandalf is to offer relevant information to its clients and the objective of the quick loans Gandalf is to provide satisfaction to its customers through financial solutions in emergency situations or need.

The Gandalf loan program was designed to provide convenience when weighing loan options on the internet. Coming to Gandalf you will find many offers of loans and personal microloans that the internet offers, all under the same roof, this is the fastest and easiest credit way.

Gandalf Requirements

The personal Gandalf loan is the most popular product of this platform because it offers benefits such as long-term installments, easy payment facilities and very low commissions; To become a creditor of one of these loans you must formalize your registration on the official Gandalf website, indicating:

  • Physical and email address
  • Full name with valid identification document
  • Own and active phone number

It is also worth mentioning that, as conditions, Gandalf requires its customers to be of legal age, legally capable and with verifiable financial experience.

Gandalf With Ferb

Gandalf believes in you, that’s why you can apply for one of the Gandalf loans with Ferb; your ability to pay is the only thing that matters when applying for a loan in Gandalf, which is why even if you have active debts with other platforms you have the possibility that your Gandalf mini-loan will be granted to you. Your credit history will speak for you.

How does Gandalf work?

To access personal loans Gandalf you must go to the official website of the platform There you should go through three steps:

  1. 1. Access In the first form you must indicate the required amount, full name, phone number, mail and accept the conditions. Press continue.
  2. 2. Personal Information. Indicate your DNI / NIE, level of education, marital status, date of birth, gender, address (street, city, county, house number, area code, region, type of street and housing tenure status)
  3. 3. Labor information. Type of work, business sector, date of entry, gross monthly income, account number, type of vehicle, financial rating and accept that you have read the Terms and Conditions. Press “Send request”

The next thing is that with the data released, the Gandalf computer analyzes the options and shows you as a result the electronic loan platform that offers the credit you need. Now you only have to fill out the application of the chosen page and receive the credit, having the possibility of logging into Gandalf or continuing the process without doing so.

Gandalf: My Account

From the option “MY ACCOUNT” of Gandalf for free you can monitor the status of your requests, in addition, from here you can see your application history in all the platforms in which you have made them; You can be aware of offers, discounts, commissions, make other requests, use the simulator as many times as you want and all without charge.

Gandalf application

To know the offer of available Gandalf loans you must go exclusively to the official website of the platform ( There you will be able to find the websites that offer the loans, the parameters of these, their conditions of use and their rankings.

To apply for a loan, you must complete the entire process in which you supply the information required to determine in which web page the credit you are looking for.

Amounts and Deadlines

The amounts and terms vary according to the loan platform with which you decide to work but in general the amounts vary from € 100 to € 1000, while the payment terms are defined in the simulator and are determined based on the amount chosen, as well for amounts below € 500 the terms vary from 6 to 12 months, while for higher amounts, the terms could be up to 24 months.

How long does it take?

Each site and credit offer compiled in Gandalf has a different way of working but all of them are characterized by their speed of responses, thus, it has been proven that many of these sites have a response capacity of between 10 to 20 minutes.

At this time, the Gandalf database analyzes the information provided and provides an automatic response with a notification to the email indicating the place that has the credit adjusted to your requirements. Opinions do not deceive.

Gandalf Simulator

The Gandalf simulator allows the user to weigh the terms and installments of all the loans in each of the available sites by changing the loan amount; that is to say, it is an automated system that changes at the moment in which the amount of the credit that you are interested in requesting is modified.

Return Loan ViaCredit

Through the platform you can find out the means and conditions through which you can return the credit that the loan sites compiled in have granted.

Generally these sites advertised in Gandalf use electronic means such as transfers or payments with credit cards. Paying on time the miniprestamosGandalf will earn you a positive credit rating.

Extensions of Gandalf

The sites compiled in Gandalf mostly have a policy of extensions of terms that arise from the need to support their customers at times when the straps fit too close to the neck. Do not let the deadlines drown you, from My Account at you can request an extension that will give you more time to cancel and thus maintain your credit history in positive letters.

Gandalf is Reliable?

Maybe you think that this review is just advertising that wants you to believe that Gandalf is safe and possibly you have the doubt that Gandalf is a scam so probably nothing you read here can make you change your mind but one thing if necessary what do you think and consider: Gandalf is reliable, reliable, safe and fast. The reputation of Gandalf precedes it, you can check it in the blog of the page or in any other entry on the web. Investigate for yourself the many positive opinions about Gandalf on the web.

Opinions about Gandalf

Your Opinion about Gandalf is important; Therefore, by using this service you are entitled to an inalienable right to issue as many opinions as you like. Thousands of comments on Gandalf are positive from people who have had rewarding experiences using this service:

María : “Gandalf is the place to go to find the micocréditos that I was looking for without having to consult the whole web”.

Francisco : “Requesting a mini-credit Gandalf is ideal because with a single process you find the right place”.

Helena : “I do not go very well with Internet searches, so Gandalf is perfect for me because in one place I can find the credit I need.”

Best loan offer awaits you

A party arrives, a birthday gift, end of month, pay debts and others … But … Do not you have money? You do not have to worry, online loans have been launched on the market to solve all these situations. And that’s how getting financing has become much easier than before.

Online loans provide speed, ease and convenience. Why? Because the money is delivered fast, the applications are simple to complete and are requested online from wherever you are.

Today we want to present you with a special service that you will love … It’s Fiona. What is Fiona? It is just an online loan portal that allows you to easily obtain a loan without having to submit any type of guarantee.

Let’s know some of the details you need about Fiona.

Amounts and Returns

One of the questions that are always asked when applying for a loan is How much can I ask? As we know, the mini-credit platforms have conservative amounts, due to low requirements and lack of guarantees.

In the case of Fiona loans, the maximum amount is 800 euros, but with one exception. It has the distinction of having a condition of trust. In the case of your first loan, you can ask for up to 300 euros, and then when you pay in time and form, and there the amount is increased to 800 euros.

For the returns, the time of the terms is from 5 to 30 days. The refund must be made in time and form, within the chosen term. Payment must be made by bank deposit or by transfer to the Fiona account indicated on the invoice.

How can you access the loan?

Apply for a loan Fiona is very simple, the first thing you have to take into account is to meet the requirements, but believe me they are very low:

  • You have to be over 21 years old.
  • You have to have legal residence in Spain, regardless of whether you have the nationality. As long as you have a NIE or a passport that shows the residence, it will serve you.
  • You have to have a monthly income that can be checked, you do not need to work, it can be a subsidy, unemployment benefits, family assistance and so on.
  • You have to have a bank account available, you do not need to be a holder, you can also be an authorized or a representative.
  • You have to have a mobile phone line so they can communicate with you.
  • Do you have active debts? Do not make a problem, because allows you to access a loan even if you are in the delinquency files as Ferb, although it has the condition that the debt must be less than 1500 euros.

Do I have to send documentation? Not in all cases, if you fulfill the Fiona conditions, you may be asked or not to send documentation. But if you are asked for a document, do not worry because you only have to send it by email.

Once you are sure that you meet all the requirements, you can start with your application. Do you want to know how to do it?

Step 1 – Amount and Refund

In step number one you have to enter the Fiona website and select the amount you want to request and the due date of your loan. Remember that the first has a maximum amount of 300 euros.

Step 2 – Your Personal Data

The next step is to complete all your personal information. This includes data such as:

  • Name and appealed.
  • Birthdate.
  • Document number or NIE.
  • Your nationality.
  • Gender.
  • Have children?.
  • Civil status.
  • Email address.
  • Mobile phone number and the contract thereof.
  • The number of a landline phone is optional.

Step 3 – Additional Information

They will ask you for the rest of your data, now related to income, your previous and pending debts, your bank details and others.

Step 4 – Identification

To continue with the process, you have to identify yourself and verify your identity.

Step 5 – Verification

When you have completed everything, the company Fiona will verify your request and all your data to evaluate the order. The answer to your loan is made in just seconds, and they will inform you in the correct way.

Step 6 – The Money

If they approve your request, the best part comes, in just 15 minutes they will make a bank transfer, with all the money you have requested and they have approved you.

How much are you going to cost?

Another issue that matters and a lot when looking for financing is interest, because that is what it does to the total cost of credit. Good news awaits you with your Fiona loan, and that is that they have a welcome promotion, with which your first loan does not have any interest rate, you will only pay the amount of money that they have lent you, without any more euro.

Then, from the second loan and thereafter, interest will vary according to the amount of money you ask for and the term of maturity.

What happens if you do not pay?

Be careful with this, as any type of financing you have to return in time and form, or else you will have consequences. In the case of Fiona, if you have a problem to return the loan, you have to contact them to get an extension; in this way you will avoid the 1% daily penalties that are calculated on your debt.

The penalties are not the only consequence of not paying your loan, let’s see:

  • Reduction of the credit capacity: In the case that you do not pay your credit of Credit Victoria online, you will not be able to request a loan in this company; and your negativity will affect the possibility of obtaining loans in other companies.
  • Assignment of the debt: If in spite of all the warnings you do not pay your debt, the company will cede your loan to a third company, and in addition to your debt, they will claim all the costs generated by the orders to fulfill your payment.

Opinions about Fiona

Now that you know everything about Fiona, it’s time for you to decide and look for your loan, but first we’ll show you the opinions of your users so you can see what they say about these credits:

Fabian D: “Excellent option, the best thing is that the first loan has no interest, so you can try the company without costs.”

Elisa G: “Good vibes, one of the best financial, I always use it when I lack money to make ends meet.”

Marcos F: “I really like Fiona, they have low interest and they give you the money right away. Recommendable.”