Best loan offer awaits you

A party arrives, a birthday gift, end of month, pay debts and others … But … Do not you have money? You do not have to worry, online loans have been launched on the market to solve all these situations. And that’s how getting financing has become much easier than before.

Online loans provide speed, ease and convenience. Why? Because the money is delivered fast, the applications are simple to complete and are requested online from wherever you are.

Today we want to present you with a special service that you will love … It’s Fiona. What is Fiona? It is just an online loan portal that allows you to easily obtain a loan without having to submit any type of guarantee.

Let’s know some of the details you need about Fiona.

Amounts and Returns

One of the questions that are always asked when applying for a loan is How much can I ask? As we know, the mini-credit platforms have conservative amounts, due to low requirements and lack of guarantees.

In the case of Fiona loans, the maximum amount is 800 euros, but with one exception. It has the distinction of having a condition of trust. In the case of your first loan, you can ask for up to 300 euros, and then when you pay in time and form, and there the amount is increased to 800 euros.

For the returns, the time of the terms is from 5 to 30 days. The refund must be made in time and form, within the chosen term. Payment must be made by bank deposit or by transfer to the Fiona account indicated on the invoice.

How can you access the loan?

Apply for a loan Fiona is very simple, the first thing you have to take into account is to meet the requirements, but believe me they are very low:

  • You have to be over 21 years old.
  • You have to have legal residence in Spain, regardless of whether you have the nationality. As long as you have a NIE or a passport that shows the residence, it will serve you.
  • You have to have a monthly income that can be checked, you do not need to work, it can be a subsidy, unemployment benefits, family assistance and so on.
  • You have to have a bank account available, you do not need to be a holder, you can also be an authorized or a representative.
  • You have to have a mobile phone line so they can communicate with you.
  • Do you have active debts? Do not make a problem, because allows you to access a loan even if you are in the delinquency files as Ferb, although it has the condition that the debt must be less than 1500 euros.

Do I have to send documentation? Not in all cases, if you fulfill the Fiona conditions, you may be asked or not to send documentation. But if you are asked for a document, do not worry because you only have to send it by email.

Once you are sure that you meet all the requirements, you can start with your application. Do you want to know how to do it?

Step 1 – Amount and Refund

In step number one you have to enter the Fiona website and select the amount you want to request and the due date of your loan. Remember that the first has a maximum amount of 300 euros.

Step 2 – Your Personal Data

The next step is to complete all your personal information. This includes data such as:

  • Name and appealed.
  • Birthdate.
  • Document number or NIE.
  • Your nationality.
  • Gender.
  • Have children?.
  • Civil status.
  • Email address.
  • Mobile phone number and the contract thereof.
  • The number of a landline phone is optional.

Step 3 – Additional Information

They will ask you for the rest of your data, now related to income, your previous and pending debts, your bank details and others.

Step 4 – Identification

To continue with the process, you have to identify yourself and verify your identity.

Step 5 – Verification

When you have completed everything, the company Fiona will verify your request and all your data to evaluate the order. The answer to your loan is made in just seconds, and they will inform you in the correct way.

Step 6 – The Money

If they approve your request, the best part comes, in just 15 minutes they will make a bank transfer, with all the money you have requested and they have approved you.

How much are you going to cost?

Another issue that matters and a lot when looking for financing is interest, because that is what it does to the total cost of credit. Good news awaits you with your Fiona loan, and that is that they have a welcome promotion, with which your first loan does not have any interest rate, you will only pay the amount of money that they have lent you, without any more euro.

Then, from the second loan and thereafter, interest will vary according to the amount of money you ask for and the term of maturity.

What happens if you do not pay?

Be careful with this, as any type of financing you have to return in time and form, or else you will have consequences. In the case of Fiona, if you have a problem to return the loan, you have to contact them to get an extension; in this way you will avoid the 1% daily penalties that are calculated on your debt.

The penalties are not the only consequence of not paying your loan, let’s see:

  • Reduction of the credit capacity: In the case that you do not pay your credit of Credit Victoria online, you will not be able to request a loan in this company; and your negativity will affect the possibility of obtaining loans in other companies.
  • Assignment of the debt: If in spite of all the warnings you do not pay your debt, the company will cede your loan to a third company, and in addition to your debt, they will claim all the costs generated by the orders to fulfill your payment.

Opinions about Fiona

Now that you know everything about Fiona, it’s time for you to decide and look for your loan, but first we’ll show you the opinions of your users so you can see what they say about these credits:

Fabian D: “Excellent option, the best thing is that the first loan has no interest, so you can try the company without costs.”

Elisa G: “Good vibes, one of the best financial, I always use it when I lack money to make ends meet.”

Marcos F: “I really like Fiona, they have low interest and they give you the money right away. Recommendable.”