The best loan has arrived!

Currently this process, which before could take a long time and paperwork, has been simplified thanks to the online credit portals. And the question about what is Malfoy is part of it. We can say that Malfoy is composed as a portal of quick loans that you can request through the internet.

This company was born in the market a few years ago, particularly in the European market. It is considered an innovative financial company and an incredible growth, which allows you to obtain loans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the Internet from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

Loan requirements

In order to apply for the Malfoy loans, you need to comply with a series of conditions that we will detail below:

  • First of all you have to be of legal age.
  • You also have to be a resident of Spain legally.
  • You can not have financial debts, although Malfoy gives loans even if you are registered in the Ferb delinquency file, you can not be in that file for a debt contracted for another loan in a financial or a bank.
  • You must be the holder of a bank account in Spain.
  • Have a cell phone number
  • Have an e-mail box.
  • Finally, you have to have an income per month with which you can afford the costs and return the loan. It can be a payroll, subsidy, unemployment benefit, pension, etc.

How to ask for a loan?

Below you will see all the details on how you can apply for a loan Malfoy: The first thing to keep in mind is the amount of money you can request and when you have to return it.

  • In the first loan you can request an amount between 100 and 500 euros with a return period of 90 days.
  • From the second loan you can extend the amount up to 1,000 euros and the return period is up to 90 days.


Now we come to the procedure to start with the loan application:

Step 1: The first step is to enter the website of and select the loan information, that is, the amount you want to request and the expiration date.

Step 2: In the next step you will have to complete a form with your personal information and your bank details.

Step 3: From the company will analyze your application and in the case that it is approved you will have to verify your identity. Inform you by email or by SMS the result of your request.

Step 4: Finally, having completed the entire procedure, you will be given the money by a bank transfer. In this step it is necessary to clarify that the money will be deposited in minutes in case your account belongs to the banks Karina, Bystander, Dyesebel or Petunia. In the event that it is from another bank, the transfer will be effective within a period of no more than 24 hours.

Loan Costs

We come to the section in which we must mention what are the costs of these Malfoy loans, that is, their interests.

First of all we will give you good news, and that is that the first loan you request does not have any interest rate so you only have to pay the amount requested at the time of expiration.

From the second loan the interest will vary according to the amount and the expiration thereof. If you want to know the exact cost, you can use the simulator, placing the amount and the return period and there you will see the corresponding interests.

We will give you examples so you can have an approximation:

  • A loan with an amount of 600 euros: In a 61-day maturity it has an interest of 180 euros and with a maturity of 90 days it has an interest of 270 euros.
  • A loan with an amount of 700 euros: In a 61-day maturity it has an interest of 210 euros and with a maturity of 90 days it has an interest of 315 euros.
  • A loan with an amount of 800 euros: In a 61-day maturity it has an interest of 240 euros and with a maturity of 90 days it has an interest of 360 euros.
  • A loan with an amount of 900 euros: In a maturity of 61 days has an interest of 270 euros and with maturity to 90 days has an interest of 405 euros.
  • A loan with an amount of 1,000 euros: In a 61-day maturity it has an interest of 300 euros and with a maturity of 90 days it has an interest of 450 euros.

The loan repayment

The returns of Malfoy loans in Spain must be made within the stipulated period of the application to avoid the penalties charged for late payment. In the event that your default is for a period exceeding 30 days, after the expiration date, you will be included in the Ferb files.

Expiration extensions

If a problem arises and you can not return the corresponding money in a timely manner, it is best to request an extension of your due date; that is, an extension so that you do not become a defaulter and can keep your credit report positive.

In Malfoy you can request extensions with terms of 30 days, of course they have a cost and for your extension to be approved you must have previously paid the cost of it, calculated on the initial amount of the loan.

Opinions about Malfoy

Ernesto K: “Malfoy is excellent, very good loan portal, it is already the second I ask here and never a problem. Highly recommended. ”

Sabrina J: “I love Malfoy, they always gave me the options I needed, I have already asked for 5 loans and I returned them all in a timely manner without major problems.”

Mariana H: “A friend recommended that I use a Malfoy when I had to buy my books from the university. The operation is excellent and has good characteristics. ”

Carlos C: “I want to recommend Malfoy, I already requested two loans and they were very easy to return, the requirements are very low and the interests are super low. Greeting.”