The greatest loan offer has arrived

Everybody has ever gone through an economic emergency, even the largest and most recognized businessmen and economists in history have had to adjust their accounts to recover, borrow, apply for loans and get out afloat because everyone has ever needed a A friendly hand, however, saying it is easier than getting it and that is when asking for loans or loans to a financial institution, the obstacles abound and more, if you are a client who, in view of the monstrous banking world, you are not legit.

For times of financial emergency, you can go to Gandalf, the fastest and safest way to get a credit without so much protocol, bureaucracy, with some simple steps, and very few requirements Gandalf will help you in what you want: Start your own deal? Pay a debt? Going on a trip? Gandalf makes it possible for you. Millions of opinions on Gandalf attest to the reliability, security and speed of this platform. Prove it now! What are you waiting for?

Advantages of Gandalf

Gandalf in Spain will not only help you bring your wishes to reality, but also will do so without demanding too much. Whether you want to remodel your apartment or repair your car, the company Gandalf will help you because the fate you give to the funds does not matter. In addition Gandalf is:

  • Reliable and safe, you can count on your service whenever you want.
  • Fast and simple, as simple as taking your laptop or mobile, registering and requesting your credit.
  • Private and intimate, your data is hosted in a database secured with the strictest firewalls.
  • Comfortable and friendly, the website is simple and easy to use. It will allow you to choose the amount you need and show you the fees to pay.

You see it? Gandalf is the financial solution you expected to give you that whim you have postponed so much.

What is Gandalf?

Gandalf is an electronic platform that collects the loan offers that various websites offer; that is, instead of looking one by one on the loan websites, Gandalf offers a place where you can consult them all, under the same address.

The main function of Gandalf is to offer relevant information to its clients and the objective of the quick loans Gandalf is to provide satisfaction to its customers through financial solutions in emergency situations or need.

The Gandalf loan program was designed to provide convenience when weighing loan options on the internet. Coming to Gandalf you will find many offers of loans and personal microloans that the internet offers, all under the same roof, this is the fastest and easiest credit way.

Gandalf Requirements

The personal Gandalf loan is the most popular product of this platform because it offers benefits such as long-term installments, easy payment facilities and very low commissions; To become a creditor of one of these loans you must formalize your registration on the official Gandalf website, indicating:

  • Physical and email address
  • Full name with valid identification document
  • Own and active phone number

It is also worth mentioning that, as conditions, Gandalf requires its customers to be of legal age, legally capable and with verifiable financial experience.

Gandalf With Ferb

Gandalf believes in you, that’s why you can apply for one of the Gandalf loans with Ferb; your ability to pay is the only thing that matters when applying for a loan in Gandalf, which is why even if you have active debts with other platforms you have the possibility that your Gandalf mini-loan will be granted to you. Your credit history will speak for you.

How does Gandalf work?

To access personal loans Gandalf you must go to the official website of the platform There you should go through three steps:

  1. 1. Access In the first form you must indicate the required amount, full name, phone number, mail and accept the conditions. Press continue.
  2. 2. Personal Information. Indicate your DNI / NIE, level of education, marital status, date of birth, gender, address (street, city, county, house number, area code, region, type of street and housing tenure status)
  3. 3. Labor information. Type of work, business sector, date of entry, gross monthly income, account number, type of vehicle, financial rating and accept that you have read the Terms and Conditions. Press “Send request”

The next thing is that with the data released, the Gandalf computer analyzes the options and shows you as a result the electronic loan platform that offers the credit you need. Now you only have to fill out the application of the chosen page and receive the credit, having the possibility of logging into Gandalf or continuing the process without doing so.

Gandalf: My Account

From the option “MY ACCOUNT” of Gandalf for free you can monitor the status of your requests, in addition, from here you can see your application history in all the platforms in which you have made them; You can be aware of offers, discounts, commissions, make other requests, use the simulator as many times as you want and all without charge.

Gandalf application

To know the offer of available Gandalf loans you must go exclusively to the official website of the platform ( There you will be able to find the websites that offer the loans, the parameters of these, their conditions of use and their rankings.

To apply for a loan, you must complete the entire process in which you supply the information required to determine in which web page the credit you are looking for.

Amounts and Deadlines

The amounts and terms vary according to the loan platform with which you decide to work but in general the amounts vary from € 100 to € 1000, while the payment terms are defined in the simulator and are determined based on the amount chosen, as well for amounts below € 500 the terms vary from 6 to 12 months, while for higher amounts, the terms could be up to 24 months.

How long does it take?

Each site and credit offer compiled in Gandalf has a different way of working but all of them are characterized by their speed of responses, thus, it has been proven that many of these sites have a response capacity of between 10 to 20 minutes.

At this time, the Gandalf database analyzes the information provided and provides an automatic response with a notification to the email indicating the place that has the credit adjusted to your requirements. Opinions do not deceive.

Gandalf Simulator

The Gandalf simulator allows the user to weigh the terms and installments of all the loans in each of the available sites by changing the loan amount; that is to say, it is an automated system that changes at the moment in which the amount of the credit that you are interested in requesting is modified.

Return Loan ViaCredit

Through the platform you can find out the means and conditions through which you can return the credit that the loan sites compiled in have granted.

Generally these sites advertised in Gandalf use electronic means such as transfers or payments with credit cards. Paying on time the miniprestamosGandalf will earn you a positive credit rating.

Extensions of Gandalf

The sites compiled in Gandalf mostly have a policy of extensions of terms that arise from the need to support their customers at times when the straps fit too close to the neck. Do not let the deadlines drown you, from My Account at you can request an extension that will give you more time to cancel and thus maintain your credit history in positive letters.

Gandalf is Reliable?

Maybe you think that this review is just advertising that wants you to believe that Gandalf is safe and possibly you have the doubt that Gandalf is a scam so probably nothing you read here can make you change your mind but one thing if necessary what do you think and consider: Gandalf is reliable, reliable, safe and fast. The reputation of Gandalf precedes it, you can check it in the blog of the page or in any other entry on the web. Investigate for yourself the many positive opinions about Gandalf on the web.

Opinions about Gandalf

Your Opinion about Gandalf is important; Therefore, by using this service you are entitled to an inalienable right to issue as many opinions as you like. Thousands of comments on Gandalf are positive from people who have had rewarding experiences using this service:

María : “Gandalf is the place to go to find the micocréditos that I was looking for without having to consult the whole web”.

Francisco : “Requesting a mini-credit Gandalf is ideal because with a single process you find the right place”.

Helena : “I do not go very well with Internet searches, so Gandalf is perfect for me because in one place I can find the credit I need.”