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Are you looking for loans where you do not have to pay commissions? Do you need a trusted entity? You are lucky because in this Review we will tell you all about Lilo, a company that has chosen to go back to the origins, where if you have a trusted person with Lilo you have the guaranteed loans, as was done previously in traditional banks. A Wonder Do not you think?

Where all decisions are made by real people, and not computers who decide whether to accept or reject loan applications to their customers. Lilo is the company you were waiting for to get money fast. And one of the things that, for them is important is that you have a guarantor, in this case of a friend or family member who is in solidarity with you and serves as guarantor if for any inconvenience you can not return the money.

Find out what Lilo has for its users, as well as get opinions from customers who already enjoy their loans.

Advantages of Lilo

Undoubtedly with the Lilo loans the only thing that will bring you are excellent benefits and conditions where you will be really satisfied with the product, and without additional expenses.

Next we will show you the great advantages that Lilo offers you:

  • No commissions: Lilo does not charge commissions, neither for opening account, nor for the delay of payments, or if you cancel
  • Good service: You will always have the best service from Lilo since it has trained professionals, where your priority is to find the solution to any problem.
  • Interests: Lilo has two interest rates: Annual of 49.9% TIN and Nominal 41.16% being one of the entities with the lowest rates in the market.
  • Security: The process is quite safe. In addition, your data will be protected thanks to its encryption system.
  • Ferb: Lilo does not care about your credit history. It is always available to those who need it, as they trust their customers.
  • Amount: Handles a considerable amount from 2000 euros to 8000 euros.
  • Extension: You can make a change in the payment dates, notifying 5 business days (as long as it is not the first month of payment and if you have late payments) by calling their contact number.
  • You do not need to have a payroll to ask for the loan. Although you must show that you have monthly income in your account.
  • The procedure is 100% online
  • You can have the money in just 24 hours

With Lilo, we must clarify that in order to acquire the money you need a guarantor. Otherwise, Lilo will not grant you the loan.

Many of your clients have had very positive opinions about Lilo, which can give you the assurance that Lilo is totally reliable.

What is Lilo?

Once you know what are the advantages of acquiring a Lilo loan, talk about what Lilo is about.

Lilo is born from a simple idea, to go back to the times where trust between people, both the applicant and the lender, was one of the main characteristics. The portal belongs to the company Gandalf and was registered in 2018 with the objective of granting loans and credits to individuals as well as legal entities, so that they make use of both consumption and commercial operations, with a existing capital of 20,000.00, together with its sole partner Malfoy.

Lilo grants quick loans from 24 hours, with an amount that exceeds the amount of mini-credits offered by other entities ranging from 2,000 euros to 8,000 euros, and best of all you can choose the return period in comfortable fees between 12 to 60 months.

One of the most important requirements that Lilo demands is that you have a guarantor, in this case a guarantor that can face the return of money if any inconvenience of your part occurs. Who could be a relative or friend who trusts you.

Many of the opinions about Lilo guarantee their benefits, and that they comply with quality conditions.

How does Lilo work?

You can request your Lilo credit in a simple way and you will receive your money in 24 hours, without the need to leave your home, or wherever you are.

Lilo is an excellent platform very organized and attentive of fast loans in Spain and its contract is totally Online. And as your amounts are of a greater amount you can have it in your account only in 24 hours, without endorsement or much paperwork, so that your process is comfortable for your customers.

Lilo works like other financial entities although the amount is greater compared to the mini-credits, however it has the same benefits. The only characteristic that the difference is to be able to acquire the money is to have an endorsement (person) which is also responsible for said loan by signing the designated contract with you.

Amounts and Deadlines of Lilo

Lilo offers you a very considerable amount, and that you can use for your daily consumption or why not? For new projects, since it gives you the power to invest in what you like most.

Its minimum amount is 2,000 euros and a maximum of 8,000 euros, with terms from 12 months to 60 months, and the best part is that you choose it.


In this case, if any type of inconvenience occurs and you can not pay the loan on time on the agreed due date, you have 5 business days to notify that you want to change the payment date, through the contact in customer service number 965 02 12 52. And in this way they will notify you as your guarantor of possible solutions so that no interest is generated for non-payment.

However Lilo has some conditions so that you can make those changes. Such as:

  • The date can be changed only if the first month of payment due has passed
  • You will not be able to modify if you have payment delay
  • You can only make the change 1 time a month every 2 months.

What do I do if I want to register as a Lilo guarantor?

The first thing is to receive a link from the person who asked you to be your guarantor. Then you go to “Avadiaz” and that link you paste it where it says “Enter your Lilo link” and click on “Register now”

After completing your registration online, once the contract is done it will be verified manually and they will proceed to call you to have a conversation. This way, Lilo will make sure that you accept all the terms and conditions.

Return Lilo loan

Lilo works in a similar way to the other credit entities, through bank transfers, automatic debit or credit card debits, and through the box office

Lilo will remind you via SMS, Email or phone call in case of not making the payment on the agreed date to know if any inconvenience has arisen, and in this way look for a solution at the expiration of payment and do not pass to seniors.

Lilo Requirements

In order to apply for Lilo credits and these can be accepted you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have an age between 18 to 75 years.
  2. Be a resident in Spain and it is essential that you speak Spanish.
  3. Justify your monthly income whether it is payroll, pension, self-employed, etcetera.
  4. Have a person as a guarantor. (Who will be responsible for making the payment in case you can not)

The requirements to be Lilo are:

  1. Capacity to be able to face the loan in case the borrower does not pay.
  2. Be over 18 years old until age 75.
  3. Be a resident in Spain and be able to speak Spanish.
  4. Finally, have a stable solvency

How to apply for the Lilo loan?

Lilo makes it very easy for you, since the process is simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. You must create your application by entering its official website
  2. Try with the simulator how much money you want and for how many months you want to return it (so you can know the amount to pay for monthly installments and interest).
  3. Once you have decided how much to apply, click on “Apply for a quick loan”
  4. Immediately a form will appear which you must enter your personal data (Name, Surname, ID, address, Email, telephone, among others). You must also select the purpose of the loan.
  5. Once the information is sent, Lilo will be in charge of making an economic-financial evaluation to know if you have the capacity to attend the loan.
  6. Lilo will provide you with a link in which you must send it to your guarantor and he completes the application.
  7. If the request is approved, Lilo will contact both of them through a telephone conversation in order to terminate the request.
  8. Once the application process has been completed, the money will be credited to the guarantor’s bank account within the next 24 hours.

If you also want to request a binding offer, you must contact through the Lilo phone or send an email with your full name and indicate the amount and duration of the loan.

Lilo’s interests

With Lilo you will only pay interest through the duration of the loan, because the interest is calculated daily. You will also be exempt from paying commissions for making early refunds or making extra payments. Taking into account the payment of the loan on its due date.

Lilo works applying two types of interests

  • Nominal interest rate (TIN 41.16%)
  • Annual equivalent rate (APR 44.9%)

These interests are added to the amount requested by the borrower, which you can verify through the simulator offered by Lilo and you will know how much you will end up returning, according to the term you have chosen.

Is Lilo reliable?

According to the research conducted and by some positive opinions of satisfied customers found on the network, we can confirm that Lilo is a platform you can trust, since it is completely safe and above all easy to use.

Lilo is a page that has an excellent rating and great experience in the financial sector belonging to the Malfoy Group. Which have already made the amount of 40 million euros in loans through one of its best-known brands “Tinkerbell”