Want to know who has the great loan offer?

Have you heard about Tinkerbell? It is a financial company that has an outstanding level of experience for the issuance of loans and loans online, trying to establish a close, transparent relationship where there is mutual trust between the company and the clients.

Throughout the market for instant loans and quick loans, you will surely find a wide variety of different microfinance companies, but you should take into account that not all are the same. Tinkerbell has modern technologies, which have allowed adapting solutions to the needs presented by customers, also has several professional advisers responsible for helping with any questions that arise, as soon as possible and in a friendly manner.

This financial platform has been distinguished by having a wide range of technologies applied to the needs presented by all customers in particular, in order to meet the demands of them. This fact is what has allowed the granting of fast, simple, safe and transparent economic resolutions.

Advantages of Tinkerbell

We assure you that if you decide to resort to Tinkerbell you will find several advantages that will be very attractive to you:

  • Security is a guarantee of peace of mind for customers: Tinkerbell is very concerned about its reputation together with the security of its customers’ data, which is why a security system has been developed that strictly complies with the latest technological requirements. according to the area of ​​computer security.
  • Development and financial perspectives: Tinkerbell is in constant development. This platform is responsible for analyzing both requests and suggestions from all its customers, so that the possibility of offering products such as the Tinkerbell loan with a high quality is maintained. In order to maximize the work of the company, and ensure a better balance to offer all users the best and fastest credit in the market.
  • Saves time: One aspect to highlight is that the process of this financial company is 100% online. We guarantee that you will be able to obtain the amount of money you need quickly and without papers, without long queues and wait who knows how long. Just one click away, get your loan in just 15 minutes.
  • Completely transparent processes: You can apply for quick loans with full transparency. There will be no tricks, hidden expenses and no clause that could become abusive.

What is Tinkerbell?

Answering this question, Tinkerbell is one of the financial companies offering new loans and mini-loans in 2018, allowing people to request up to approximately 600 euros without guarantee and without paperwork at once. Tinkerbell loans such as Tinkerbell loans are ideal products that can help you in a time of financial need, especially if you are looking for a transparent, reliable and close company.

The mission of Tinkerbell is to offer financial solutions that are safe, flexible and easy for all customers who need quick money, providing help to solve their economic needs. This platform also makes sure to offer its services and financial products in a responsible manner.

Thanks to the services provided by this online lender, today it has become easier to get loans or credits quickly and safely. Because of the strong economic crisis that is happening in Spain, it is worth noting that with more reason it is worthwhile to seek financial support of this type in order to solve several economic problems that may come to pass, especially when it comes to get a personal loan through a financial institution that requires a large amount of personal documents.

Features of Tinkerbell

This lender has several characteristics that differentiate it from other financial companies online. We will proceed to explain some of them:

  • Speed ​​in answering loan applications since it is only a matter of waiting only 15 minutes from the moment the application is made online.
  • The website offers Tinkerbell customers several instruments for the purpose of mini-credits Tinkerbell, and enjoy the loans as soon as possible.
  • It is responsible for offering quick and cheap loans that come with very convenient deadlines when making the money back.
  • Being a micro company, it is not as strict compared to traditional banks when it comes to applying for quick loans.
  • All loan applications can be made by retirees, unemployed people, you can also get fast money without endorsement or payroll, which is thanks to the loan policies offered by the financial portal.

It is worth mentioning that this platform has an interactive menu in order to reach the advisors of the online financial company itself, in the event that some advice is required when requesting loans that are adaptable to the economic needs of each client in particular, thus satisfying the demands of them.

With regard to the amounts of the loans these are:

  • If you apply for a loan without being a client of the platform, this will be 200 euros.
  • If you are an initial client on the platform you can request an initial maximum amount of 200 euros.
  • Being already a registered customer a basic loan will be up to 350 with a discount of 10%.
  • A loan for an advanced client will consist of up to 500 euros with a discount of 15%.
  • And finalmete premium that consists of an amount of 600 euros and a discount of 20%.

Security system

This portal guarantees the maximum security of the data of all its clients after having developed state-of-the-art computer security systems. The tranquility of the users is priceless, so the institution has strived to be the highest priority of the business.

Development and perspectives

Said lender company is in charge of listening to all the users accepting suggestions in order to offer a better service to all Spanish users. For this, we have sought to optimize the work of the company, finding the best balance when offering loans instantly.

Time saving

Being a management carried out via the internet, Spanish users will be able to save time by accessing loans on the spot. In just 15 minutes or less you will get your answer.


Thanks to all the technology available to the financial company, they can request quick loans in the best possible conditions. You will also have the option of requesting an online credit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without any limitations with complete security and discretion.

Transparent process

This entity is aware of the need to offer completely transparent financial services, thus increasing the confidence of customers. We promise that this company does not have any tricks or small print, it also lacks abusive clauses and bad financial practices. All information will be provided clearly and accurately from the first moment.

Tinkerbell with Ferb

Unlike other lender companies, the present does not have such strict standards as banks. Customers have the possibility of requesting loans from Ferb and Phineas, whether they are for retirees, quick money without endorsement or payroll, credits for unemployed people, among others.

How to request the credits of Tinkerbell?

To apply for Tinkerbell either loans or mini credits you must comply with 4 steps explained below:

  1. Choose the amount of money you want to obtain next to the return period.
  2. Make the corresponding registration on the Tinkerbell website.
  3. After filling out the form with all your personal and banking information, you will have to wait for the answer in a lapse of just 15 minutes.
  4. Get your loan or mini credit Tinkerbell and use it to your liking.

You should know that the processing in Tinkerbell consists of few steps, you must choose the amount of money you want with your return period, an important fact to keep in mind is that you must use the simulator of the website to see how the microcredit will be to adapt it to your economic situation.

Tinkerbell’s interests

The interest rate or APR (annual equivalent rate) that is applied in Tinkerbell to depend on the term as well as the requested amount. That is to say, the interest rate of the financial institution Tinkerbell depends mainly on these two factors: the amount of the loan and its duration.

The borrower must be informed by Tinkerbell in relation to the interest rates, which are also known as fees, which will have to be paid by means of the website simulator, which will always depend on the factors mentioned above.

Here are some examples to give you a better idea of ​​the interests of the Tinkerbell loans:

  • If you request 150 euros to 14 days = fees 24.00 euros to return. Total refund 174.00 euros TAE 4691.95%
  • The amount before 7 days costs 12.00 euros with a total to return of 162.00 euros. APR 5431.08%
  • If you get to ask 150 euros for 28 days with costs of 50.00 euros. Total to return 200.00 euros TAE 4152.71%
  • For a loan of 200 euros at 28 days the costs will be 66 euros, with a total to be returned of 266.00 euros and TAE 4016.18%

How to return the credits of Tinkerbell?

The return of a Tinkerbell credit is very simple, since it facilitates the payment of the same by the users through several options explained below:

  • Bank transfer: Either from your own online banking or going to a branch you must make a transfer for the corresponding amount to pay the account of the lender company. When the transfer is made, the ID number is mandatory together with the reason for payment. Since without this information, it is not possible to pay the Tinkerbell loans
  • Cash: By means of a cashier or teller at any of the bank offices indicated by Tinkerbell on your personal area bill, you can make the cash payment to cancel the corresponding loan or credit.

Medusa credit extensions

With respect to Medusa credit extensions, you should know that you have a maximum of 30 days to return the credits, this being normal when it comes to mini credits. Because they are low-value short-term loans, these are usually more than enough time to carry out the repayment.

All clients will be entitled to request an extension of the repayment period in the remote case that they are unable to repay the loan on the due date. This same extension can be made during the following days: 7, 14, 21 and 28 days.

It is also important to mention that a loan commission must be paid in advance, taking into account the new period that has been chosen, in order to extend the return. The payment of the commission must be made in the bank account that has been previously indicated by the lender in question.

Yes, we indicate that in case you want to request a second loan, this option is not possible until you have returned the first loan. Now if what you decide is to pay your credit before the due date, this financial portal will allow you to do it without problems thus achieving savings in interest.

Mobile application and customer service

Regarding if there is any mobile application that allows all Spanish customers to use the services offered by this online lender, you should know that it uses its own website or portal in order to carry out all its commercial transactions, so that its users are obliged to limit themselves to the use of the Internet from their homes, work sites or other place with the purpose of requesting mini Tinkerbell loans.

Is Tinkerbell safe?

Probably because of the great diversity of existing online lenders an expected question would be: What reasons are there to believe that Tinkerbell is completely safe? We assure you that there are many reasons not to be suspicious of the platform, then we will tell you in details some of them:

Tinkerbell has a connection with the Ferb, reflecting its commitment, when offering its services to several Spanish users.

It has a privacy policy, where all users are recommended to read before requesting any personal loan.

The policies that are related to data communications are complied with, implying that there is the power to assign to third parties any information from users who have requested Medusa Credit loans previously. This suggests that it also has connections with financial companies, public bodies, regulatory entities, public administrations, with the purpose of fulfilling the informative obligations along with those of fraud prevention.

Under no circumstances uses spamming techniques, so that only works with data that have been provided by the users with their prior consent. So, when the time comes to send them the information regarding advertising and commercial transactions, the position will be taken into account in relation to whether or not a prior consent was given.

Thanks to all the security policies that Tinkerbell has implemented, its website has been busy incorporating adequate technology to safeguard the protection and integrity of all data provided by customers, in order to protect them from possible losses and misuses.

Opinions about Tinkerbell

In this segment we will show you below the different comments and opinions of customers about the services of Tinkerbell, which can be very useful for future users of the company when making a decision.

We can affirm that more and more people are the ones who, when requesting mini credits or Tinkerbell loans, seek information about the opinions of other users when choosing this financial institution.

Lorena: “I had been in need of an urgent micro loan for a while, and that’s exactly what this portal gave me.”

Mari Carmen:Every time I need liquidity immediately, I have always been able to count on this online platform that is willing to help at any time.”

Joaquin: “Since I met them, I’ve always liked the quick loans that this portal offers, since they adapt perfectly to what I need.”

Jandro: “To all those people who are in the search for quick microcredit in the short term, I assure you that this financial institution will be very interested, they are recommended 100%.”

Carlos: “I am impressed with the speed of the entire application process, especially the kind treatment the telemarketers have offered me. I’m completely grateful!

In conclusion we can see that the services offered by this incredible financial platform to all its users have turned out to be very effective, as previously commented by Spanish customers. By virtue of this, if you find yourself in a situation where you need money to solve a problem or financial hardship, for example, pay off small debts, buy some personal whim or fulfill a punctual payment, you will find a solution with this lender.

So remember, when you are looking for quick and easy money to get these credits without any doubt you will be interested, being an ideal solution to unforeseen situations, unexpected expenses and events of any kind.

So remember, when you are looking for quick and easy money to get these credits without any doubt you will be interested, being an ideal solution to unforeseen situations, unexpected expenses and events of any kind. The loans of these platforms are highly recommended by several professionals belonging to the financial sector.